‘Live’ Regional Heats for 2016

Kate Solomons

March 29th, 2016


This year we will be running both live and web based selection heats to crown the finalists for

Miss Great Britain 2016.


The ‘live’ heats that have been confirmed to date are:

  • Miss Peterborough
  • Miss South Yorkshire
  • Miss Durham
  • Miss Teesside
  • Miss Newcastle
  • Miss Sunderland
  • Miss Leicestershire
  • Miss Rutland
  • Miss Lincolnshire
  • Miss Northampton
  • Miss Liverpool
  • Miss Central London
  • Miss Greater London
  • Miss Brighton
  • Miss Middlesex
  • Miss Buckinghamshire
  • Miss Hertfordshire
  • Miss Kent
  • Miss Essex

The winner of each of the titles listed will go on to represent their town/city/region in the Miss Great Britain Grand Final with a chance to be crowned Miss Great Britain 2016/17

If you are interested in competing for one of the titles listed above please apply now by clicking here.  Or for more information regarding each live heat including the date/location please follow this link and select the relevant region.

If you are interested in competing for a title representing a region/city that is not listed above we will be releasing more information very soon. Remaining heats may be announced as live heats or web based selections.

I would advise that you check our Facebook page regularly to see if there are any new heats released that might be of interest to you: and/or follow us on twitter: @Official_MissGB

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